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We pave your way to your fulfilling academic career

We are a virtual networking community dedicated to guiding early- and mid-career researchers through their academic careers. We support them on their journey to a fulfilling and successful academic career.

Building the career you want shouldn't be that stressful...

We've already put in a lot time and energy, and years of study! But, the truth is...

  • There’s always that pressing question of “Do I really have what it takes?” or “Am I enough?”
  • There’s a lack of guidance and opportunities for developing and advancing academic careers
  • It's difficult to find good advice on how to get a job in academia
  • Networking is crucial, BUT not everyone can afford to attend academic conferences due to high costs, travel time, or family responsibilities

Networking Coffee Club is more than just networking!

We rethink academic career development by providing a platform for meaningful peer-to-peer mentoring to foster meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and grow together.

We provide evidence-based career development activities for academics that are both affordable and globally accessible—all on a single intuitive, user-friendly virtual platform.

Productivity-optimized co-working sessions

Participate in our virtual co-working sessions to stay accountable and complete the necessary work in a focused and productive manner.

Deep work writing sessions

Join us for productive, structured writing and feedback sessions during our virtual writing retreats.

Accountability coaching

Our accountability coaches and buddies will help you stay accountable and on track with your long-term goals.

Relevant competency development

Our peer-coaching circles combine asynchronous and synchronous learning activities as well as peer exchange.

On-demand peer feedback

Request feedback on your funding proposals, articles, and so on, and get it quickly! We're talking about hours here, not weeks, or even months!

Ready to build your academic career?

Build your fulfilling academic career in 3 steps

Step 1. Meet us for a coffee

We'd love to learn more about you. Join us for a friendly virtual coffee chat (or directly chose your plan).

Step 2. Choose a plan

We offer monthly and annual membership access depending on your commitment

Step 3. Unlock career development activities

Explore evidence-based academic career development activities in an intuitive, user-friendly virtual platform.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We offer a 60-day trial period for all our plans. You can cancel any time, no questions asked.

How it looks on the inside


Social events throughout the week: work productively in co-working sessions, learn in development circles, engage in mentoring talks.

Member directory

Find people in our (searchable) membership directory to speak to people in a targeted way.


Get randomly connected with other mentees and mentors to have engaging conversations.

Who we are

Studies over studies show how challenging building a satisfying academic career is. The plan to do meaningful research quickly turns to burnout and depression, once it meets current academic realities.
In 2020, we decided to change that. We believe that everyone deserves a meaningful, happy career. Therefore, we have built a community of driven and motivated academics that is fueled by stimulating activities that will help you build career capital in a way that is affordable and globally accessible.
Julia & Dominik, Co-Founders Networking Coffee Club

Networking Coffee Club Team

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